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How To Choose Silk Trees

from: Chad Young

The difference between quality artificial trees and just your average inexpensive ones is in the manufacturing of the tree itself. The first question you must ask is how many leaves or tips does the tree your purchasing have. Generally the more tips or leaves, the more full it will look therefore the more realistic the tree will look. Look at the quality of the workmanship in the tree by checking the edges of the leaves for frays or strings dangling. This means the tree will be less expensive but won't last as long or look as good as their higher quality counterparts. Natural trunks give silk trees an even more natural look that will make even the most scrutinizing critics look twice. Also look at how the silk sprays are mounted on the trunk, do they look natural or do they stick out like they are artificial? There are many malls, restaurants, office buildings and homes that employ silk trees into their landscape and most people walk right by them not realizing they are fake.

When it comes to potted trees the best bet for most people is to just purchase trees that come in an inexpensive pot so you can place it in your own planter. If you find trees that are in extravagant planters then you better believe you will be paying more for the pot than if you were to buy one yourself. Most trees come pre potted in either a generic black plastic pot or paper mache pot. Make sure the pot is weighted, some manufactures use a foam which is very light, this saves them on shipping however it will be very hard for you to get the tree to stand up straight when you place it into one of your own planters. If your very crafty and are able to buy a tree without the pot then you can set the tree yourself and generally save yourself a little money. In my next article I will go over the steps and materials used in setting an artificial tree in a pot of your choice.

In conclusion the information I have given you in this article is to be selective when it comes to silk trees because a few dollars in savings may result in replacement costs later and a product you're not happy with when you receive it.

About the Author: Chad Young is the owner of a silk plant and tree business and is one of the foremost experts when it comes to silk trees and arrangements. To find out more about the products visit his website by clicking on the link




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