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Silk Bamboo Trees

from: Kent Pinkerton

This article provides useful, detailed information about Silk Bamboo Trees.

Want to decorate your personal space with a tropical look, but afraid of maintaining a live bamboo tree? Try the beautiful, exotic silk bamboo tree, which beautifully serves the purpose of adorning your home or office without any maintenance hassles. Almost with a real-tree look, silk bamboo trees are an excellent way of enlivening any place by their sheer beauty.

Numerous companies exist that create exact replicas of a live bamboo tree. Companies like Indoor Tropical Foliage, Save on Crafts, Silk Plant Design Center, Earthflora, Autograph Foliages, Sunshine Silk, Silk Worx by Lori, Silk Forest, Seasonal Impact, Quality Silk Tree, Gift & Florals, Amazon Foliages, Office Scapes Direct, Autumn Gallery for the Home, Northwest Supply, BotanicusEtc, and Make-Be-Leaves all produce beautiful, realistic silk bamboo trees of different shapes and sizes.

Ranging from 4 ft to 8 ft and higher, most of the aforementioned companies provide both outdoor and indoor bamboo silk trees. Such trees are made from the finest silk and natural wood trunks. They are available in different types such as wild bamboo, black bamboo, silk bamboo tree with natural touch green stem, and silk bamboo tree with natural touch purple stem, among others.

Bamboo trees usually do not take much horizontal space and are, therefore, ideal for places with little space.

Pots and containers are usually not included with the purchase, but some companies do provide containers with the silk trees.

Prices vary from one company to the other, with some having a higher price range than the others. However, there are certain companies that offer discounts and hence, silk bamboo trees can be obtained at a wholesale price. Save on Crafts, Kinkade Studios, Seasonal Impact, Amazon Foliages, Office Scapes Direct, and Northwest Supply are some companies that offer products at discounted prices.

An additional fee is normally charged for shipping of the products, but companies like BotanicusEtc among others provide free shipping.

Most companies offer full satisfaction on their excellently produced silk bamboo trees. BotanicusEtc and Office Scapes Direct also provide a refund policyArticle Submission, if the product does not meet your expectations.


Silk Palm Trees provides detailed information on silk trees, silk palm trees, silk mimosa trees, silk ficus trees and more. Silk Palm Trees is affiliated with Silk Floor Plants.



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