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Shade from Trees - is It Really Worth It?

from: Denton Lesslie

That huge tree that blocks the sun off your house can be good for keeping your heating or cooling costs down. They are beautiful and do add a comfort factor.

OK, now the downside. The trees block the sun drying and killing the natural moisture from dew and high humidity environments. This causes that green fungus mold on the siding and roof of your house. Overtime can cause damage, not to mention it is unsightly. They can drop leaves in gutters and sticks on the roof. If a storm hits, there is a chance of limbs falling.

I do not say this to discourage you from having trees in your yard. Having them around just requires more maintenance. My chouce is to have them. I am just mindful of the maintenance problems and more diligent with the upkeep.

Mature trees in your yard can add to the overall value and help with resale of your home. If you want to add to your home plant a tree, or a bunch of them. Just be sure to place them in a place where they provide shade, but allow sun to hit every side of your house at some point in the day. Remember the fungus thing.

I encourage you to love the trees, love the fresh air that they bring. Enjoy the serenity of the canopy they provide. Hang a swing and use it often. Trees are wonderful.
About the Author

Mr. Lesslie is the president of and a consultant for Department of Energy's Building America Division for the last 6 years. He is responsible for all the content and marketing for - Great Home Improvements Start Here!



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