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A Fast Growing Trees suitable for Plumstead Township

from: William James

Our farm, Highland Hill Farm, is located in solid clay in
Pennsylvania near Plumstead Township close to Doylestown. We
therefore like plants that grow well in clay. An arborvita, the
Green Giant is our favorite. Here is why. The hardiness zone for
the Green Giant Arborvita is from zones 5 to 8. Its evergreen
with rapid growth rates that in ideal conditions can be up to 3
feet per year. Site requirements for the green giant is sun to
partial shade, moist well drained soil but does well in clay,
and needs protection from wind . Its texture is fine with its
form conical being narrow to broadly pyramidal, reaching from 50
to 80' in height to 15 to 20 feet in width. The leaf is rich
green graceful foliage. It keeps its foliage color in the
winter. The Green Giants flowers/fruit are .5" erect female
cones. The Green Giant has strong wood, casts dense shade, and
has cinnamon red bark when young. This arborvita does not
tolerate salt spray. This arborvita should outlive even your

About the author:

Bill has been growing trees and plants in Pennsylvania for over
25 years. His web sites include



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