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When To Spray Fruit Trees


A Guide to Fruit Tree Sprays for the Home Garden
Prune trees in dormant season or summer to open up canopy to improve exposure of fruit to sun, air circulation and spray coverage of leaves and fruit. ...

San Jose Scale On Fruit Trees, HYG-2039-92
In backyard fruit plantings, an all-purpose fruit tree spray or the insecticide Imidan can be used for the foliar sprays. For more information on this and ...

Fruit Trees
Choosing a fruit tree. Pyola Insecticide Spray plant-based pest control for fruit trees more info _____ Bee-Scent™ Spray attracts pollinating honeybees ...

Natural Gardener: Helpful Information > Monthly To Do List > November
Spray fruit trees. None of our most common fruit trees are native. Therefore, they need more care than, say, a yaupon holly or a bur oak. ...

Tree Fruit in the Home Garden
Tree Fruit Spraying. For significant insect or disease problems, it may be necessary to follow a spray program. Information on the use of chemicals for such ...

How to Schedule Fruit Tree Maintenance - eHow.com
How much a tree needs of each depends on the kind of fruit and the season, ... FRUIT, SEASON, WHAT TO DO. Apple, Spring, Spray to prevent scab disease once ...

Fruit Trees
Dormant oil should be applied to fruit trees in early spring while they are dormant but just prior to bud swell. A dormant oil spray one week before bud ...

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