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Royal Horticultural Society - Gardening Advice: Winter Fruit Tree ...
Additional pruning depends upon the tree form. Plums and cherries are not pruned in winter when a major disease, silver leaf is more prevalent.

A Guide to Successful Pruning, Evergreen Tree Pruning Calendar
Evergreen Tree Pruning Calendar. Legend: * = Best time to prune x = Do not prune except to correct damage, hazards, or structural defects ...

Dr. Ed Gilman, Envir. Hort. Dept., Univ. of Florida
Introduction, This tree pruning site is prepared and maintained by Dr. Edward F. Gilman, ... When improperly performed, pruning can harm the tree's health, ...

HOW to Prune Trees
To reduce the need for pruning it is best to consider a tree's natural form. It is very difficult to impose an unnatural form on a tree without a commitment ...

Hometime - How-To - Project Help - landscape & Garden
Before you start pruning, look at the tree from a few angles and decide what you'd like to accomplish. That could be to change the shape, raise the crown, ...

Tree Pruning - Tree Trimming - Pruning Evergreen Trees
Pruning tall trees or trimming of outdoor trees is a hard job but if done carefully the evergreen tree after pruning reaches to its ultimate beauty.

Trees Are Good
Pruning Young Trees Pruning Mature Trees. Tree Hazards and Treatments. Why Topping Hurts Trees Insect and Disease Problems Recognizing Tree Hazards ...

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