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Apple Fruit Thinning
Under most conditions, apple trees will set more fruit than needed for a full ... A few days after a thinning spray is applied, fruit can be measured to ...

G6021 Home Fruit Production: Apples, MU Extension
Apple trees on dwarfing rootstocks are recommended to facilitate training, pruning, spraying and harvesting. Trees on dwarfing rootstocks also start ...

Rx for Neglected Apple Trees
RX FOR NEGLECTED APPLE TREES. by Mickey Telford. Five steps to bring back fruit. ... 1. Roshaknie. you need to put something about when to spray the tree ...

Questions On Apple Insects
Q: When would I need to spray apple trees for both fireblight and insects? ... A: Spraying apple trees for fireblight should be coordinated with weather ...

Growing Apples in the Home Orchard, HYG-1401-00
Should I Spray My Apple Trees? Apples have many diseases and insect pests. Some of the common diseases that attack apple trees are apple scab, ...

Questions On Apple Diseases
Finally, stop spraying your apple tree with Sevin insecticide. ... A: Your apple tree has a good dose of apple scab. Spray with Captan to prevent further ...

Apples Main
For effective apple maggot control, spray apple trees during the time that apple maggot flies appear in midsummer. Make the first spray application in early ...

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