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American smoke tree. Yes. D. U. 10 to 15 Sun. Crataegus crus-galli. Cockspur hawthorn. Yes. D. U. 20 to 30 Sun. Crataegus laevigata. Scarlet hawthorn ...

NYFQ Winter
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apple trees (Robinson and Hoying, 2004). There appears to be a significant ... trees are very vigorous but young. Sweet Scarlet An early season, very ...

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CRATAEGUS PAULS SCARLET. Red Hawthorn. Small sized tree with striking double ... MALUS X ROBUSTA RED SENTINAL Ornamental Crab Apple. Medium deciduous tree ...

Fruit Trees
The following list of fruit trees are what we are carrying for 2006. ... Apple, Royal Gala - Dwarf, Now. Apple, Scarlet Sentinal, Now. Apple, Spartan, Now ...

Fruit Trees offered by Dry Creek Garden Company 7250 S. Virginia ...
In good old Johnny Appleseed fashion , apple trees have followed human beings in ... This year our selection includes Red Delicious , Scarlet Sentinal ...

SAP Nurseries Ltd.
lae. 'Pauls Scarlet'. Laburnum x wat. 'Vossii'. Malus 'Donald Wyman' 'Director Moorland' 'Evereste' 'Gorgeous' 'Golden Hornet' 'Profusion' 'Red Sentinal' ...

View topic - [Update] Sentinal June 19 2006
The Apple-Thief (December 11 - January 10) Let not the foundations be of marble, let them be of samite and of scarlet... And to all thy warriors and their ...

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