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Fruit Trees
The following list of fruit trees are what we are carrying for 2006. ... Apple, Royal Gala - Dwarf, Now. Apple, Scarlet Sentinal, Now. Apple, Spartan, Now ...

Fruit Trees offered by Dry Creek Garden Company 7250 S. Virginia ...
In good old Johnny Appleseed fashion , apple trees have followed human beings in ... This year our selection includes Red Delicious , Scarlet Sentinal ...

SAP Nurseries Ltd.
lae. 'Pauls Scarlet'. Laburnum x wat. 'Vossii'. Malus 'Donald Wyman' 'Director Moorland' 'Evereste' 'Gorgeous' 'Golden Hornet' 'Profusion' 'Red Sentinal' ...

View topic - [Update] Sentinal June 19 2006
The Apple-Thief (December 11 - January 10) Let not the foundations be of marble, let them be of samite and of scarlet... And to all thy warriors and their ...

The Adventurous Gardener - Where to Buy the Best Plants in New ...
Examples of now uncommon flower seeds are OSVís scarlet tassel flower, ... Apple trees propagated from the museumís Preservation Orchard are also available, ...

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Crataegus laevigata, Scarlet hawthorn, English hawthorn, Yes, D, U, 20 to 25, Sun ... Ilex x ĎCarolina Sentinalí, Carolina Sentinal holly ...

Indian Bean Tree. COTONEASTER. Cornubia. red berries. COTONEASTER. Hybrida Pendula ... MALUS (Crab Apple). Red Jade wpg. MALUS (Crab Apple). Red Sentinal ...

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