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The Green Solutions - Healthy Trees and Shrubs
Flowering shrubs and ornamental crab apple trees are very popular. ... Remove leaves and branches infected with mould, spot, rust or canker. ...

Within a couple of months, the rust appears on the leaves or fruits of the apple trees, creating a fungal structure that produces spores that are released ...

Controlling Diseases and Insects in Home Fruit Plantings, Bulletin ...
Cedar apple rust. The spores that infect apple trees come from galls ... covered with sticky honeydew (psylla droppings) on which a black, sooty mold grows. ...

Questions On Apple Diseases
A: It sounds like your apple tree has two very distinctly different problems: Cedar-apple rust (the leaf description you gave so well) and either codling ...

ROCCA FRUTTA srl product catalog
APPLE-TREE, Against Scab 30-40 ml/hl as preventive treatment every 6-8 days ... ORNAMENTAL AND FLOWER CULTIVATION, Against white mould and Rust use 25-50 ...

The mature tobacco plant is very tolerant of blue mold. ... Cedar Apple Rust. If rust has been a problem, plan on removing cedars so that they are not ...

CAPITAL 70 - ROCCA FRUTTA srl product catalog
POMACEAE, Against Scab and Apple-tree white mould, Pear-tree Scab: ... APRICOT-TREE, Against Monilia and Sclerotinia 60-70 grs Do 1 treatment at the ...

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