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Growing Fruit Trees
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Planting. Fruit trees should be planted in early spring. ... Pruning fruit trees at planting and during the first 4 or 5 years is very important in defining ...

Fruit and Nuts - Planting Fruit Trees
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control in fruit trees. Head trees at the proper. height; remove side branches. Diagram 3. Pruning at planting. Correct sloping cut ...

BBC - Gardening - How to be a gardener - The productive garden ...
All fruit trees should be given an annual mulch of well-rotted, bulky, organic manure, ... The planting distances vary with the size the tree will grow to. ...

Fruit Trees
Consider the benefits of planting your own fruit trees: ... If planting a few trees, choose varieties which will give you fruit for a longer time. ...

Site Selection and Placement of Fruit Trees
Avoid sites shaded by large trees. When planting fruit trees, position the graft union (denoted by a crook in the trunk) 2 to 3 inches above the soil ...

Fruit Tree Growing Guide
(Refer to Fruit Tree planting Guide for suggested spacings) Plan spacings so ... Certain fruit and berry plants (see Fruit Tree Planting Guide) such as ...

Backyard Orchard Culture--Growing Fruit Trees in Limited Space
Because of the limited space available to most homeowners, this means using one or more of the techniques for close planting and training fruit trees: two, ...

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