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Fruit tree and Vine calendar_New.xls
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Prune fruit trees - 3. Dormant oil spray - 4. Codling Moth sprays - 10 ... Mass trapping can also be done with a homemade moth trap consisting of a 1-gallon ...

Tree Fruits: Organic Production Overview
ATTRA Publications on Organic and Low-Spray Fruit Production ... 1997. Homemade fruit tree guards. HortIdeas. April. p. 41-42. Back to top ...

Fall Care for Your Fruit Trees
During the dormant period, your fruit trees have no foliage for insect pests to hide in. ... My recipe for a homemade dormant spray is as follows: ...

home made pest control
Just because a spray is home made, it should not be considered non-toxic. ... repel aphids from fruit trees, and sprays made from ground or blended Catnip, ...

Sun Singer - Alternative Wellness - Tips for Your Home and Garden ...
Spray on foliage and fruit trees. Lime sulfur can be applied during the dormant period to control mites, mite eggs and those of many other insects. ...

National Gardening Association :: Pest Control Library :: Bug Mugs
Root maggots Where: Roots and fruits of vegetables (cabbage, onion) and fruit trees (apple) Controls: Homemade barriers, nematodes, row covers, sticky traps ...

SC0661918 Spraying Fruit Trees
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the whole tree be covered with the spray because this is a con-. tact spray and must hit the insect in order to kill it. If the. home-made concentrate is ...

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