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Heirloom Apples
Southmeadow Fruit Gardens: Located in the heart of Michigan's orchard region in Baroda, Southmeadow offers many fine heirloom apple trees and other unique ...

Heirloom Fruit Trees: apple, pear, peach, for home
Heirloom Fruit Trees. Potoger de Roi, Paris, Pears ... I grow apple trees as a low fence -- three feet (1 meter) high along the sidewalk in front of my ...

Fedco Trees :: Heirloom Apples
It did not matter to the early Maine farmers that seedling apple trees never grow to be identical to the parent tree and only occasionally produce high ...

Trees of Antiquity
Trees of Antiquity : Welcome to Trees of Antiquity - Heirloom Trees Fruit ... Or use the advanced search to find apple trees by size, using words such as ...

Apples of Maine - Nurseries
Specializing in Southern Appalachian Apple Trees, Sue and Ron Joyner in Lansing, North Carolina custom-graft hundreds of heirloom varieties. Cummins Nursery ...

Nurseries Selling Apple Trees
Trees of Antiquity - Apple Trees (California) Over 100 heirloom apple varieties.They also sell other types of fruit trees. ...

Scotts Farm's Heirloom Apples
Heirloom Apple Sampler Roxbury Russett This is the oldest American apple ... MA where the original tree grew. It is a hard apple, sometimes referred to ...

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