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growth and development
Summer sun and rain allows the apple tree to produce lots of sugarwhich it can store in the expanding apples. The added weight of the growing apple causes ...

Fire Blight of Apple and Pear in Ontario
In pears and the more susceptible apple cultivars, fire blight may progress to the main limbs and trunk of the tree within one growing season when warm ...

Early records show apple trees growing at LaHave, ACADIA, by 1635. The Fameuse cultivar, grown in Québec for over 150 years, arose from seed or possibly a ...

Education Module: An Apple a Day - 20 Different Ontario Apple Pests
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on growing apples in Ontario and the pests that apples are susceptible to as they ... While older orchards have tall apple trees spread out over the land, ...

Performance of the V Series Apple Rootstocks During Six Growing ...
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Apple Rootstocks During Six. Growing Seasons ... Trees were planted in Vineland,. Ontario, and seedlings were selected based on the ...

Canadian Apple Online - History
Fruit growing in Ontario probably commenced with the culture of cherries and ... By 1891, he was reported to be growing 900000 apple trees and 60000 plum ...

Eric Praetzel Southern Ontario Gardening and Fruit Trees
I rarely get fruit from my apple trees. I've had many problems with aphids on new shoots of ... Nov 2005 - The lemon tree has been growing well indoors. ...

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