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Plant Pathology Fact Sheets -- Fruit Pathology
Crown gall occurs on a wide range of herbaceous and woody plant species including pome and stone fruit trees. The disease occurs worldwide and is especially ...

Tree Fruit Insect Pests and Diseases
Tree fruit insect, mite and disease pests that occur in British Columbia Canada; description, life cycle, management.

AZ Master Gardener Manual: Key to Specific Fruit Trees (Stone ...
KEYS TO PROBLEMS ON SPECIFIC FRUIT TREES. STONE FRUITS Top ... below ground level; trees appear stunted and lack vigor, Crown gall (bacterial disease) ...

Fruit Pathology - Tree Fruit Disease Fact Sheets and Photographs
Fruit Tree Books. Index of Fruit Disease Photographs, ... Overwintering globose-shaped gall on Eastern red cedar Exposed telia on gall, source of spores ...

Other Fruit Tree Diseases
Fruit Trees. Host, Disease, Pathogen, Occurrence. Apple. Apple scab Bitter pit Blister bark Crown gall Crown rot/collar rot Fire blight Jonathan spot ...

Fruit Pathology - Disease Diagnostic Key
The diagnostic keys for deciduous tree fruit diseases were developed to aid ... Small to large warty appearing growths at crown or root area, CROWN GALL ...

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Botryosphaeria, Cytospora, Nectria and other canker diseases of fruit trees; fire blight, scab, black. rot, frogeye leaf spot, powdery mildew, sooty blotch, ...

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