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Johnson Nursery - Fruit Trees
Hardy fruit trees and small fruits for the home orchard... including antique ... Because of this tenderness, we can not guarantee these trees above Zone 8. ...

Pears are the easiest fruit trees for the home gardener. European and Asian pears have the same cultural requirements. If you live in an area from zone 4 to ...

Fruit Trees - Mulberry Persimmon, Pawpaw, Fig
An abundance of fruit is produced by these vigorous carefree trees. Suited for zones 5 to 7. See Zone Map. Mulberry Grafts, 2 - 3 ft. 3 - 6 ft. Comments ...

January Gardening To do list
... Protect bases of fruit tree trunks against rodent damage with wire mesh ... Zone 6. Order seeds; Sow seeds of warm-season annuals; Sow seeds for hardy ...

Tips on Buying Fruit Trees
ZONE 6. -10 to 0 F. ZONE 7. 0 to 10 F. ZONE 8. 10 to 20 F. ZONE 9 ... Translucent jugs of water placed in a greenhouse or around fruit trees will ...

Bauers Fruit Tree list
FRUIT TREES & SMALL FRUIT SELECTION GUIDE ... Bluecrop- height 4-6', width 4-6', called a highbush blueberry, considered to be the best all around variety ...

Fruit Trees
Fruit Trees ( Catalog Date 9-28-2005 ) ... SUNSET ZONE: 1-3,6-11,14-24 ... *USDA HARDINESS ZONE CHART - ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, UTAH (Click Here) ...

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