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2001 Results
When the Spanish colonists introduced fruit trees, the bee populations must have added them to their foraging repertoire. Nest sites are apparently readily ...

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Nesting places are vitally important for. wildlife. Trees and shrubs that offer ... Many ornamental trees. and shrubs have been bred to produce. no fruit. ...

Solitary Bees For Orchard Pollination
B. Life cycle, nesting habits, and manageability. The period of adult activity naturally coincides with the time of fruit tree bloom. ...

The Eastern tent caterpillar makes an easily-identifiable nest between two twigs, and is a common Spring plague on fruit trees. If the tree is small and ...

Blue orchard bees and fruit tree pollination
Blue orchard bees and fruit tree pollination ... They are gregarious bees that prefer to nest in close proximity to each other. Because there is no shared ...

Use of nest boxes and nest box traps by starlings and house sparrows
Starlings often nest in upward facing tree cavities where the young are ... But, once the roving band of starlings discovered this tree, the fruit was gone ...

Domestication of a Mesoamerican cultivated fruit tree, Spondias ...
Domestication of a Mesoamerican cultivated fruit tree, Spondias purpurea ... The null hypothesis was rejected for the next level of nesting as well (clade ...

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