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Gardening : Pruning : Espalier Trees : Home & Garden Television
The owner, Peter Thevenot, was introduced to espalier trees while taking a trip ... Each of the tiers is 16 inches apart to allow room for fruit and foilage ...

Heirloom Fruit Trees: apple, pear, peach, for home
Fruit trees are incredibly satisfying to grow. The illustration, above, is of an old espalier pear tree growing in Le Potager du Roi, an astonishing 22 acre ...

Espalier Fruit Trees
Specializing in Espalier Plant Material Henry Leuthardt Nurseries offers a large variety of Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf Fruit Trees, Berries, and Grape Vines for ...

Espalier training of fruit trees is fun, but demanding
Try the espalier technique of training fruit trees. An espaliered fruit tree makes an excellent and useful decoration for a bare wall space on a home, ...

Fruit Trees
Q. I recently read about the espalier method of growing fruit trees. Can you tell me more about this? A. The art of espalier, originated in France and Italy ...

Trellis Espalier System for Supported Apple Trees, HYG-1427-95
Trellis Espalier System for Supported Apple Trees. HYG-1427-95. Richard C. Funt. With the advent of size-controlling rootstocks for fruit trees and high ...

How to Espalier a Tree -
Espalier a Tree Espalier is an ancient form of gardening where fruit and flowering trees are trained into pleasing symmetry in a flat plane.

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