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Part II - Diseases, Pests and Natural Enemies - Oriental Fruit Moth
Oriental fruit moth, Grapholita molesta, is a pest of most stone and pome ... They overwinter as larvae in silken cocoons on the tree or on the ground, ...

Tree Fruit Pest Natural Enemies Visual Gallery
Natural Enemies Directory. Clicking the thumbnail image will provide a larger ... go to the Index of Fruit Insect Photographs, Biology, and Monitoring ...

Part II - Diseases, Pests and Natural Enemies - Periodical Cicada
Cicadas damage fruit trees in two ways. The most obvious damage is done during the egg-laying process. The slits made by the female in small branches ...

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Conserve natural enemies by avoiding broad spectrum insecticides. Most aphid species leave fruit. trees for summer plant hosts. Homeowners may be able to ...

San Jose Scale On Fruit Trees, HYG-2039-92
The San Jose scale was once a devastating pest of fruit trees. ... Natural enemies do not seem to attack scales quickly enough to prevent scales from ...

National Gardening Association :: Gardening Articles :: Edibles ...
As anyone who grows fruit trees knows, you compete with several insects for each ... Codling moths are attacked by several natural enemies, although these ...

B. Use Of Natural Enemies To Control Pests On Deciduous Fruit Trees
B. USE OF NATURAL ENEMIES TO CONTROL PESTS ON DECIDUOUS FRUIT TREES. Hiroshi Amano and Akio Takafuji1 Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo, ...

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