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BellaOnline Forums: Help how do I stop deer eating my apple trees??
As animals I like deer, but then I like apple trees too. I just don't happen to like the trees after the deer have visited. There must be a way of deterring ...

Pruning Apples, When is the best time to prune apple trees? Alternate Year Apples, I have two apple ... When I planted the tree 2 years ago, the deer ate (? ...

Hunter Specialties
Mark Schichtel of Schichtel's Nursery in Springville, New York, reports that, "Apple trees seem to be the deer's favorite fruit tree in the northern US We ...

Welcome to Trebark - Secrets of BH Deer
There are some ways to increase your odds for finding deer feeding at particular food sources each time you hunt. If you plant two apple trees in your yard ...

Apple Tree Nursery at Ty Ty GA: Apple Pollinators - Crabapples
Hundreds of fruiting apple tree and crabapples and more, all depicted in beautiful ... Extended Ripening For Deer Crabapple trees are popular with Southern ...

Re: [nafex] Continued Arggggh! (More deer damage/apple trees)
(More deer damage/apple trees); From: "dwalsh/wchase" <>; Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 09:06:24 -0700; Delivered-to: mailing list ...

Quality Deer Management Association
Diversify Your Whitetail Woods -- Tree Plantings for Deer ... Apple tree size is greatly influenced by rootstocks and generally divided into three ...

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