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Publication: Fungicide Spray Schedule for Home Garden Tree Fruits
Bordeaux mixture: Acme Bordeaux Mixture, Dragon Bordeaux Mix: Captan: Ortho Home Orchard Spray, Acme Liquid Fruit Tree Spray,: Earl May Fruit Tree Spray, ...

Fruit Tree Spray Insecticide: 16oz. Concentrate - Find, Compare ...
Read Reviews and Compare Prices on Fruit Tree Spray Insecticide: 16oz. ... PRODUCT INFORMATIONActive Ingredient: Captan and related derivatives, 12.00%; ...

Orchard Supplies and Spray Schedule for the home orchard.
Bloom (to prevent black rot), -, Captan. Post Bloom (after bees are gone. - to prevent black rot & insects), -, Fruit Tree Spray. 2 Weeks later & ...

Pests of Peaches, Plums and Pecans
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captan 10% +. malathion 7.5%. captan 12% +. malathion 6% +. carbaryl 0.3%. captan 12% +. malathion 6% +. carbaryl 0.3%. Fruit Tree Spray. Fruit Tree Spray ...

Spray Schedule
(to prevent brown rot), -, Captan. Petal Fall (when bees are gone - to prevent insects & diseases), -, Fruit Tree Spray. 2 Weeks later & ...

Home Fruit Spray Guide
1/2 inch green tip, captan OR all-purpose fruit spray OR ... Tree Fruits: Insect and Disease Management for Backyard Fruit Growers in the Midwest BU-7091 ...

LDN - Rural Review
Home fruit tree spray schedules. By John Fulton Send a link to a friend ... The dormant spray for them uses captan fungicide. This is the only spray that ...

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