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the Garden Compass: Fruit Tree Problems
Birds, squirrels, raccoons and deer can be severe problems in areas where fruit trees are grown. In dealing with most critters, I find that there is only ...

Progressive Farmer|The Great Outdoors|Fast Fruit for Wildlife
But for plants that produce year after year, few food sources can beat fruit trees. And here's the best part: They're easy to plant, and they grow very ...

Planting and Early Care of Fruit Trees
If the soil is very waterlogged, it is best to wait until it drains. ... Deer can cause major damage to young fruit trees by feeding on the developing ...

Fruit Tree Planting Guide : Adams County Nursery
ACN Deer Bags can help deter damage from deer browsing. In areas of heavy deer pressure, your best option is fencing. Follow Up Fruit Tree Care: ...

Fruit Trees
Deer will eat the bark of young trees, given the opportunity. ... For best results, thin fruit trees early in the season, when the fruit is still quite ...

Rodent and Deer Control in Orchards
Baits are best applied on bright days with no rain expected for several days. ... Damage to fruit trees by deer may be the result of too many deer competing ...

Cornell Orchards-Department of Horticulture
By understanding a few of the basic concepts of fruit tree growth, ... Apples/pears/cherries/plums produce their best fruit on 2-3 year old wood. ...

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