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MonkeyFilter | Global dimming
... tomatoes are actually free of both light restrictions and external pollenation. ... Apple trees are hopeless slackers -- they dinna bear so much as a ...

Sheila Peach's Apples Galore
10. This website has information and paint pictures of apple trees during each of the four seasons. It tells the honeybees role in pollenation. ...

Minnesota Harvest - Apple Glossary
pollen Pollen is produced by flowers on all apple trees. ... Topper would have spelled it "pollenation," but "pollination" does look kind of cute. ...

Vanguard News Network Forum - Invest in the future with apple ...
[QUOTE=Antiochus Epiphanes]Isnt there also a need for pairs of trees to aid in pollenation?[/quote] Yes. Apple trees fall into three classes in regard to ...

W5 report Gail
The trees were still overflowing. So, I rented an apple press, ... moon of march because of slight pollenation in the air that may infuse it with a touch of ...

Cross pollenation - Fruit & Orchards Forum - GardenWeb
RE: Cross pollenation. log in what is this? ... I raised 3 apple trees from seedlings. Frankly, I got a good cross section of what to expect from those 3 ...

Apple (Malus sp.)
Needs cross pollenation. Jonagold, 2-10,14-16, middle (July), Large golden apple with red stripes. Stores well. Need cross pollenation. ...

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