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Growing Apples in the Home Orchard, HYG-1401-00
Without sufficient and proper care for apple trees, fruit quality will be ... Should I Spray My Apple Trees? Apples have many diseases and insect pests. ...

2002 Disease and Insect IPM in the Home Orchard
Basic components of an IPM program include proper cultural care, ... An example is an oil spray used while apple trees are dormant to prevent resurgence of ...

Oil and Other Early Season Sprays for Apple and Pear Trees, HYG ...
Planting dwarf apple and semi dwarf pear trees can aid in achieving maximum coverage and can reduce the amount of spray needed per tree. ...

Training & Pruning Apple Trees (A1959)
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
unlike most shade trees, apple trees. require annual training and pruning. from the time of planting to produce. an attractive and productive tree. Proper ...

Growing Apple Trees In The Home Garden
... apple blossoms is transferred primarily by bees, be careful not to spray insecticides ... Proper training and pruning of fruit trees is essential to the ...

Home Fruit Spray Guide
Proper pruning and training is critical over the life of the tree. ... First apple maggot* spray: July 1 (or monitor and begin spraying when apple maggot ...

Guide for Spraying Fruit Trees
6) Check all belts for wear and proper tension to be sure the power created is ... Diagram of an orchard sprayer spraying rows of trees on either side. ...

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