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Apples & More-Apple Facts
Apple Facts. Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, yellows. ... Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit. ...

Apple Facts Information Page
Apple Facts and Information. ... Apple trees belong to the family Rosaceae. They constitute the genus Malus. How to Store: The best place to store apples is ...

Easier - Apples are a round, usually crisp fruit of the apple tree. ... information and processing facts about how apples are converted to apple juice. ...

Flatheaded Apple Tree Borer
Flatheaded Apple Tree Borer. Contact: Eric Day, Manager, Insect Identification Laboratory. August 1996. Flatheaded Apple Tree Borer ...

NY Apple Country Fun Facts
Most apple trees planted today are on dwarf stock, which are smaller trees ... Apple trees are covered with beautiful clusters of fragrant blossoms as May ...

National Ag Day
Corn Poppin' Facts. Popcorn pops because water is stored in a small circle ... In the winter, apple trees need to "rest" for about 900-1000 hours below 45 ...

NY Apple Country Fun Facts
An apple tree will start bearing fruit 8-10 years after it is planted. ... Most apple trees can be grown farther north than most other fruits because they ...

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