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Embellish Your Garden Trees with Movement, Music, and Light

from: Johann Erickson

If you'd like to bring some whimsy and fun to your garden,
consider adding wind chimes, birdhouses, or other ornaments to
your trees. Items should be hung from sturdy branches with soft
but durable cord or coated wire. Your trees will thank you
kindly not to drive nails into their bark. Damaged bark can
allow water to seep in and disease or deterioration to begin.
Caring for your trees protects your investment.

ml">Wind chimes come in a variety of designs, materials, and
colors. Choose a wind chime that is large enough not to get lost
in the foliage, but that isn't so large it looks out of place.
Be sure to test the sound of the wind chime because you will be
listening to it whenever the wind blows and you want a sound
that is pleasant to your ears. Tubular steel chimes have a
melodious sound and are suitable for outdoors. Beads, small
mirrors, and other decorative items added to chimes lend color
and sparkle. Choose decorations that compliment your house and

l">Birdhouses are popular ornaments that can also be
functional. If you want birds to make their homes in your
birdhouses, you'll want to find out what types of houses suit
the birds you want to lure to your place. The size of the
opening, for instance, appeals to certain birds. Smaller birds
want small holes so that predator birds can't invade their
homes. Some types of birds, such as purple martins, prefer
birdhouses that are installed on tall poles rather than in trees
and have many dwellings in one house rather than a single
occupancy home.

Another consideration if you want your
birdhouse to be occupied is the finish on it. Strong paint
smells will send potential residents flying away. A painted
birdhouse should be finished with nontoxic paint. An unfinished
cedar birdhouse is a good choice and will invite birds to make
themselves at home. Look for birdhouses at stores that supply
birdseed. They often stock a variety of birdhouses, and you'll
likely find one suitable for your potential tenants.

you're interested in birdhouses strictly for decorative
purposes, the options are unlimited. You can find handcrafted
birdhouses decorated to look like old time general stores, post
offices, or other buildings. Some are decorated with sparkles
and spangles. Others are painted in funky color combinations or
designed to mimic items such as bells, hats, or other fanciful
things. The options are as limitless as the imagination. Arts
and Craft shows, flea markets, and bazaars are all good places
to find birdhouses that are unusual. And surprisingly, sometimes
these fanciful houses are also functional.

If you
hanker to make your own birdhouse, you can either build one or
buy an unfinished one at an arts and crafts store. Let your
imagination run wild and see what unusual residence you can
create for your feathered friends.

Other ornaments that
you can put in your trees for decoration include mobiles,
whirligigs, and lanterns. Mobiles and whirligigs bring movement
and color to the area, while lanterns can add a soft glow that
is particularly appealing during parties.

ornaments you choose for your trees, they will look best if you
have a theme or color scheme. For instance, choose items that
are silver or reflective for a sparkling effect or have a rustic
theme with birdhouses made from old barn wood or tin. Remember
the design tip of using an odd number of items for pleasing
results. Be sure to step back and view your arrangement as you
design it. Making changes to your arrangement is fun and keeps
it looking fresh. Don't be surprised when the neighbors stop by
just to see what you've done next.

About the author:

Johann Erickson is the owner of href="">Online Discount
Mart and TV
Products 4 Less



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