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River Birch Trees

from: B Hirst

River Birch Trees When I was in the 8th grade I would go fishing
along the Delaware River at night. I would camp along the river
bank and fish into the wee hours of the night. I am always
drifting back to those childhood memories when I pass a river
birch tree that is highlighted by lights at night. The nightime
interest that this tree expresses can help capture moments for
you. The main feature of this medium sized spreading tree is its
colorful peeling bark. This builds up on the stem and main
branches in soft curling layers of orange, pink, grey and brown.
Another great advantage of this species is its tolerance of wet
soil and seasonal flooding making it an ideal pond or riverbank
tree. Specimens often develop multiple stems which increases the
attractiveness its shaggy bark. As an ornamental tree it also
has bright green, toothed leaves and long yellow clusters of
catkins in early spring. It will have a spreading root system
that will check erosion. It is hardy and will seldom blow down.
The plant is native to the eastern states from Massachusetts to
Florida. The range continues along the Gulf of Mexico and into

If you have had trouble planting a tree the River Birch is a
choice that is easy to transplant. They are adaptable and grow
fast. These trees do not seem to be bothered by the Bronzed
Birch Borer which has killed off many White Birches used in
urban landscapes.

Of all the trees that I grow on our nursery, )see
http://www.seedlingsrus.com ) the River Birch is my favorite.

About the author:

River Birch Trees bring back my childhood memories


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